ISEAL welcomes Monika Weber-Fahr as new Board Chair

ISEAL has appointed Monika Weber-Fahr as its new Board Chair.

Monika brings a breadth of experience in creating and sharing knowledge across global networks and in supporting multi-stakeholder partnerships in developing solutions to sustainability challenges.

Monika has a background as a labour economist and began working in development at the World Bank. While at the World Bank, Monika held roles including director for knowledge, learning and results for sustainable development. At the International Finance Corporation, she led the business line for sustainable business advice. And, at the World Bank Institute, Monika built and led a global network of learning centres.

More recently, Monika led the Global Water Partnership as its Executive Secretary and CEO and is now Adjunct Professor at the Hertie School for Governance. She also advises international organisations, businesses and governments on designing partnership-based solutions to sustainability challenges.

Monika succeeds Chris Ninnes, who steps down from Board Chair, after five years in the role.

ISEAL’s Executive Director, Karin Kreider, said: “I would like to thank Chris for his time as ISEAL’s Board Chair. Chris brought a clarity of purpose and strategic Board leadership that was important in helping ISEAL grow within a rapidly changing environment.

“I’m delighted to welcome Monika as the new Chair of ISEAL’s Board. The knowledge and experience she brings, from her understanding of sustainability systems, to accelerating knowledge sharing and deepening multi-stakeholder partnerships, will be very valuable as we move forward. I thoroughly look forward to working with Monika.”

Monika said: “I’m passionate about sustainability, sharing knowledge, driving change and improvement through partnerships, and deepening the effectiveness of sustainability systems in addressing the global challenges we face.

“I’m honoured to have this opportunity to work with ISEAL and its Board to help to deliver on its vision.”

The ISEAL Board guides the strategic direction of ISEAL’s work and oversees the delivery of its key objectives: sustainability systems and their partners to deliver scalable solutions to global sustainability challenges; and credible systems, claims and communications to sit at the heart of market-based sustainability solutions.


ISEAL supports ambitious sustainability systems and their partners to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges. With our growing global network and our focus on credible practices, we drive impact and make markets a force for good.

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