Challenge the label

The Challenge the Label webpage is a tool to help buyers understand sustainability claims and how to dig deeper into the claims they encounter.

By guiding buyers through a series of key questions and considerations, the tool helps to distinguish between credible and non-credible claims. It also links to other online tools and resources that can help buyers to investigate claims. 

Challenge the Label can be applied to any claim or label, whether B2B or B2C, that focuses on sustainability in some way. Its five universal truths capture, at a broad level, what a credible label or claim will look like.  It can also provide guidance for a company in developing their own claims and labels.

Challenge the Label focuses on the five universal truths of a sustainability claim or label.  These are: 

Is it clear
Is it relevant?
It is accurate?
And is it backed up by a system that is transparent and robust?

Explore Challenge the label for more detailed information and resources for each of the five truths.