ISEAL publishes 2020 Annual Report

We work to accelerate positive change by improving the impacts of ambitious sustainability systems and their partners. Read the latest annual report for highlights of our progress towards this mission over the last year.

In 2020 we launched a new membership structure, opening our membership to a wider range of sustainability systems and reflecting the diversity of approaches that we see today. Our new structure brings these systems together so that they can scale their collective impact – helping to tackle the biggest sustainability challenges of our time.

Over the last year, the world faced unprecedented challenges with the Covid crisis. We saw auditing systems quickly evolve and witnessed how technology and data tools can improve assurance and add value. We captured this emerging innovation, from understanding good practice in integrating remote auditing techniques, to helping sustainability systems select performance metrics that can be used to make claims around sustainability performance and impact.

We convened our members across a range of issues, for example bringing them together to develop new tools and strategies to close the living income and living wage gaps. We also published new reports including a review of ‘Voluntary standards & FPIC’, which investigated how standards can go further to get free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) right in their work with businesses and indigenous communities, particularly in the mining and minerals sector. 

And, following its launch in 2019, Evidensia has grown to host more than 800 resources on the impacts of various market-based initiatives, from landscapes approaches to company sourcing codes and supply chain policies. 

Download the annual report to find out more about ISEAL’s work in 2020.