ResponsibleSteel joins as an ISEAL Community Member

ISEAL is very pleased to announce that ResponsibleSteel has recently been approved as an ISEAL Community Member. We are excited that they join an increasing group of members involved in the mining and minerals sector and look forward to working with and learning from them over time. 

ResponsibleSteel is the only global multi-stakeholder standard and certification initiative for responsibly sourced and produced steel. The ResponsibleSteel International Standard covers a range of sustainability issues: climate change, pollution, and human rights concerns by taking into account both direct and upstream greenhouse gas emissions, air and water pollution, pollution from mining coal and iron ore, labour standards, and more. 

Businesses from every part of the steel supply chain, civil society groups, associations, and other organisations with an interest in a sustainable steel industry from anywhere in the world are welcome to join. ResponsibleSteel’s mission is to maximise steel’s contribution to a sustainable world. Its aim is to enhance the responsible sourcing, production, use and recycling of steel by:

  • Providing a multi-stakeholder forum to build trust and achieve consensus;
  • Developing standards, certification and related tools;
  • Driving positive change through the recognition and use of responsible steel.

Further to the approval from the ISEAL Board on the 1 December 2022, ISEAL’s Executive Director, Karin Kreider, commented, “I am very excited to have ResponsibleSteel join ISEAL as a Community Member. Their standards address climate change, pollution, and human rights in various stages of the steel supply chain — the world’s most widely used material. I look forward to a fresh perspective from a new member in the mining and minerals sector and working together in the coming months and years.”

Annie Heaton, ResponsibleSteel CEO added, “As the only global multistakeholder standard for steel, our aim is to be a driving force in the socially and environmentally responsible production of net-zero carbon steel. We strive to ensure that our ResponsibleSteel International Standard is the most trusted standard for responsibly sourced and produced steel and a leading authority on ESG issues in the industry. 

Obtaining ISEAL Community Membership is a critical step on this journey and will help us improve our systems and our credibility as a global standard. We plan to work towards becoming ISEAL Code Compliant over the next few years. We look forward to working with other members of the community and sharing knowledge and experience in order to ensure our work has the greatest impact possible.”

ISEAL membership

ISEAL members are sustainability systems and accreditation bodies dedicated to delivering benefits for people and planet. They are committed to continually improving their systems and impacts through learning and innovation; collaborating with stakeholders and peers; and are transparent and truthful about how their systems work and how they measure their impacts.

In becoming an ISEAL Community Member, ResponsibleSteel joins a growing number of well-respected sustainability systems that are driving positive social and environmental change across multiple sectors. ResponsibleSteel will be working alongside these mission-driven sustainability organisations to continuously improve the effectiveness of their systems and demonstrate impact.

We encourage any organisation developing or operating a sustainability system with a multi-stakeholder approach and a commitment to credible practices to consider joining ISEAL