Our new membership structure

After more than two years of consultation we have a new membership structure in effect since November 2020. This allows us to better achieve our mission and bring more value to our members and stakeholders.

As the global ambition to solve sustainability challenges grows, standards are evolving, and so is ISEAL. Our new membership structure enables us to work more closely with a wider range of sustainability standards and similar systems. We are inviting organisations to apply at an earlier stage of system development, and we are broadening the scope of systems eligible to apply.

An inclusive learning community

The new membership structure allows ISEAL to support continued improvement, learning, and collaboration among a wider range of sustainability systems. As a result, our members will be better equipped to innovate, scale and demonstrate impact. Additionally, more sustainability systems have access to expertise and networks to improve their practices.

We encourage all sustainability systems to consider joining the ISEAL community. Members benefit from:

•  opportunities to test and explore new ideas through our innovation and scaling initiatives;
•  sharing experiences and collaborating to advance better sustainability solutions;
•  learning and discovering new ideas through access to a wealth of resources and guidance, including the Communities of Practice that support systems in implementing the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice.

The new membership structure

We now have three membership categories:

ISEAL Community Member

•  All members are committed to improving their systems, sharing experiences, building trust and demonstrating transparency
•  Community Members have the same access as existing members to ISEAL’s learning, collaboration and innovation resources
•  Community Members are not required to participate in ISEAL’s compliance programme, but ongoing system improvement will be periodically reviewed
•  The emphasis on improvement and the sharing of information is intended to build a community of trust and learning

ISEAL Code Compliant

•  These are members who demonstrate adherence to ISEAL’s Codes of Good Practice by meeting independent evaluation requirements
•  This category of members can make claims of Code compliance

ISEAL Accreditation Member

•  These are members who demonstrate adherence to ISO/IEC 17011:2017 by meeting independent evaluation requirements

If you are interested in learning more, please contact membership@isealalliance.org